Making a payment in AdvancedMD (AMD)

AdvancedMD (AMD) is the electronic medical record used by Rula, its patients, and therapists that contract with Rula. Please read this article if you have already logged into your AMD patient portal account and would like to know how to pay your outstanding bills / balances. 

  • If you need help creating/registering your AMD patient portal account for the first time, click here.
  • If you need help troubleshooting problems with an existing AMD patient portal account, click here.


Making a Payment

Rula patients can make payments via the AMD patient portal. To pay your bill via the AMD patient portal, follow the steps below. 

  • Log in to the AMD Patient Portal.



Click the dollar sign button on the bottom lefthand side of the landing page, labeled Pay My Bill.

Alternatively, you can click the wallet icon at the top labeled Bills.



  • You can pay your:
    • Total Balance,
    • Statement Balance, or
    • Other Amount (you enter a custom amount)


  • After selecting one of the three options, click Make Payment.
  • Enter in Card Details and Billing Information
    • Credit Card Number, Expiration Date, CVV
    • Name on Card, Billing Address



  • Click Make Payment

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