Requesting medical records/release of information (ROI)

This article will review the process for requesting medical records and the turnaround times you can expect with each type of request. 

What is a medical record request?

A medical records request is the process of requesting access to your own protected health information (PHI) or medical records. Release of Information (ROI) is the process of providing access to protected health information to an individual (like a psychiatrist or another doctor) or entity (like another facility) authorized to receive or review it.

How do I request my medical records?

In order to access medical records and have them sent to you or another individual or entity, you must fill out an ROI form to be reviewed by our Medical Records team.

To receive this form, please email and Rula's Medical Records team will send you the ROI form.

When will my medical record request be processed?

Medical Record Requests / ROIs have different turnaround times based on the type of request and can take up to 30 days to process. See the chart below for specific information on request types and when ROI is not needed.


Medical Record Request Estimated Time to Complete Additional Requirements Before the Record Can Be Sent
Patients who want a copy of their records.

Up to 14 days.

The patient's therapist must approve the request.

Note: Delays in therapist response will delay records release to the patient.

Therapists who need records from another facility/therapist. Up to 14 days. Delays can be caused by slow responses from outside facilities or providers. Patient must sign the ROI form.

Therapists who need records to be sent from Rula to another facility/therapist.

Up to 14 days.

Patient must sign the ROI form.

Ensure all information is accurate for request: provider/facility name, specific contact information (if applicable), address, etc.

External record requests from another facility/therapist.

Up to 14 days.

A valid ROI form signed by the paitnet must be included with this request.


Medical record requests related to the following are sent within 30 days of the request: 

  • Legal proceedings
  • Subpoenas
  • Payor requests for charts 
  • Audits
  • Disability requests for records* 

*Note: Medical Records does not write disability letters. Contact your therapist directly for this request.


When is an ROI is not needed?

There are some situations where it may seem like ROI would be necessary, but it is not actually needed. Those situations are outlined below:

  • An ROI is not required under HIPAA for two healthcare professionals to speak with one another to coordinate care. That applies within Rula and externally. 
  • If a therapist filed a CPS report with Child Protective Services, they can speak to a CPS officer without an ROI. If the therapist did not directly file the CPS report about their patient, then ROI would be needed for them to communicate with a CPS officer.
  • You do not need an ROI to discuss PHI with insurance companies if they are calling in about payment, treatment, etc. They are already covered under HIPAA.
  • If the patient needs a disability letter from their employer, it is at the therapist's discretion if they would like to provide one. ROI is not needed to provide disability letters directly to the patient.


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