Overview of your charges and billing

The below article contains answers to the most common questions about billing and charges associated with Rula visits. It covers the charging process, credit card charges, and using an HSA Account. Continually it reviews deductibles, co-pays, insurance charges, multiple charges, and details on if you are unable to pay for care.

Charging Process

Any claims, charges, and copays aren’t created until the therapist signs a charge slip for a given appointment—usually within 24-48 hours—so the time it takes for a bill to become visible may vary. Once charge slips are signed and submitted, that is when patients are then billed and the charge processes through Rula.

Any balances are automatically charged to the patient’s credit card on file with Rula.


Credit Card Charges

Rula requires a payment method to be kept on file for any out-of-pocket costs. For completed visits, your credit card on file with Rula will be charged as soon as the therapist completes their documentation and submits a charge slip, which is usually within 24-48 hours of the visit.


Using an HSA Account

If you have an HSA (Health Savings Account) credit card you are intending to use to pay for visits, you can use the HSA card and it can be the card kept on file for any out-of-pocket costs. 

In the event your HSA card is not accepted by the system, you are able to retain receipts/superbills and submit them to your insurance company for reimbursement. If you need a detailed receipt/superbill, please email billing@rula.com



A deductible is a specified annual amount you must pay out of pocket before your insurance company will pay a claim. This means that you will pay for the full negotiated rate until you meet your deductible; then you will only have a coinsurance and/or copayment. Some insurance plans do not apply the deductible to therapy, so you'll only be responsible for a coinsurance and/or copayment. The deductible resets every calendar year.

If your insurance plan has an annual deductible, you'll be responsible for the full balance of your visit. This amount can vary depending on your insurance. If you have questions regarding visit cost, you can find more information by reviewing your VOB email or email billing@rula.com. After your deductible is met, your out-of-pocket costs will depend on your insurance plan. Usually, Rula clients pay between $5 and $40 per session.

As a benefit of using Rula, our team will contact your insurance provider to conduct an eligibility check. We will provide you with an estimate of your individual benefits to better understand your insurance and plan for your costs of care. You may also contact your insurance provider directly to confirm your expected out-of-pocket costs.



A copay or copayment is a fixed dollar amount that you'll pay Rula for each session, depending on your health insurance plan. Copays can vary depending on your coverage, but are typically $5-$40.


Insurance Changes

If you have changed your insurance, please update your insurance information in the Rula patient portal so that we can review your current insurance carrier and the impact that it may have on your coverage for services. Doing so may help avoid additional financial obligations. If you need instructions on how to update insurance information in the Rula patient portal, please click here.


Multiple Charges

There may be instances in which you see multiple charges for the same visit. This may occur because after a visit, a patient is first charged any applicable copay or coinsurance amount, as insurance tells us to collect this upfront. The claim is then sent out to your insurance company to process and let us know how much they will pay or how much to bill you for the remaining deductible, if applicable. The remaining deductible amount is then charged. This is why you may see multiple charges for one session.


Unable to Pay

If you are currently unable to pay for care you’ve already received, or have a large outstanding balance you are unable to pay at this time, please email billing@rula.com and a representative from our Billing team will work with you to find a solution.


General Disclaimer: Please note, initial estimated insurance benefits are subject to information obtained from the insurer at the time of verification. Claims may be processed with a different outcome. We try to the greatest extent to make you aware of any changes, but it is your responsibility to be aware of benefits provided under your plan.

To review the Credit Card Authorization and MHSG Assignment of Benefits forms all patients sign prior to their first visit, follow the links below.

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