Requesting psychiatry

This article will provide you with information on how to connect with a psychiatric provider to evaluate your needs and build a personalized care plan that may include prescription medication. Rula’s psychiatric providers are all fully-licensed and experienced in treating anxiety, depression, and other conditions for which medication has proven effective. This article details the difference between Therapy and Psychiatry and includes details on how to get started with Psychiatry.


Understanding Therapy vs. Psychiatry

Behavioral health care treatment is unique to each individual. Whether you start with therapy or psychiatry, your provider will work with you to outline the best care approach.



Based on the chart above, if psychiatry seems like the best fit for you, continue reading below for how to get started.


How to Get Started with Psychiatry

New patients can complete the psychiatry registration form linked here.

For existing patients who have an established therapist at Rula and who are interested in psychiatry, we highly recommend discussing this with your therapist during your next therapy session. Your therapist can submit a referral for psychiatry, and a Rula Psychiatry Support agent will reach out to kick off the scheduling process. 

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