How to access your telehealth appointment

You can access links to your telehealth appointments in two places:

  • Appointment reminder emails
  • The Rula patient portal

This article provide guided steps for accessing and starting your telehealth session directly from the Rula patient portal or the appointment reminder email.

To ensure the privacy and security of your health information, we use Zoom for all appointments. Zoom is fully HIPAA-compliant. If you need to download Zoom, you can do so here.


Guided Steps

Appointment reminder emails

Appointment reminder emails contain a link to join your telehealth appointment. These emails are sent 48 hours before you appointment or at the time your appointment is confirmed (if your appointment is less that 48 hours away).

The email will come from Rula, formerly Path Mental Health <> and the subject line of the email will be:

  •  🗓️ [Zoom link] Your upcoming appointment with (provider name) OR
  • :tada: Your appointment with (provider name) is confirmed

You can join your appointment directly from the email by clicking Join telehealth appointment.

Appointment details (4).png


Rula patient portal

To begin your telehealth session in the patient portal:

  1. Log into the Rula patient portal
  2. Click on Appointments, located on the menu on the left side of the page.
  3. Click on the Start Video Appointment button on the appointment card to open your Zoom.
    This link will be grayed out until 30 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment.


Note: If you click Copy Link and put the link into your browser more than 30 minutes prior to the appointment, you will be taken to a holding page that lets you know to return closer to your appointment time.


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